Early feedback on the relationship between the goal and normal drop counts

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Early feedback on the relationship between the goal and normal drop counts

Post  morganw on Tue Oct 06, 2009 9:51 pm

There are a few instances that cause me to feel that the line between Goal Drops and Drop Count is blurred by an amount that I am not sure I feel comfortable with as a player. There are two instances, which standing alone, would make sense. In conjunction they really make collecting either type of drop seem like an arbitrary choice. The two mechanics:

1. If I want to get a multiplier (which always seems extremely good to a player) I need to avoid normal drops

2. If I want to complete a level with the bonus I need to collect as many goal drops as possible.

There are a few ways that feel like the two ideas work against each other, rather than share a complimentary and symbiotic relationship. If I want to get the overall level bonus I just need to purposefully eat bad drops or avoid regular drops. Usually I need to do a combination of the two. If I simply avoid regular drops and go for goal drops the multiplier bonus will cause me to complete the level too rapidly. I think this is really interesting way to encourage high level play,. If I do too well all of the time, I will never be able to find out that these level bonuses even exist...

Avoiding normal drops as a beneficial action, in general, seems like a difficult idea to get across. Also, the returns are extremely diminishing. By the time I have eaten enough goal drops to get a 2x, 4x, and 8x multiplier I could have caught 4 goal drops and 11 drops, which makes the actions equivalent.

This latter case can be avoided by simply only breaking a multiplier chain with bad drops.

I think that this will make levels too easy, as each multiplier for goal drops will once again add to the number of drops eaten.

There may be a middle ground that hasn't been explored. Divorcing the idea of drops as an integer amount that must be collected, and making them into more of a pure life bar may solve some of this. Another idea is to have the goal drop multiplier effect another set of currency - total level points. If I have a life bar that I need to fill, that is only filled by drops, and goal drop multipliers only serve to increase my total score (and neither of the progress bars) I may be inclined to go for multipliers as well as normal drops, while ultimately avoiding all bad drops. This really tests who the "best" player per level is during score comparison. Overall score just seems like another game currency that can take on more meaning than a direct tally of drops earned per level.

I'm looking forward to exploring the remaining levels.


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Re: Early feedback on the relationship between the goal and normal drop counts

Post  Nicole on Fri Nov 20, 2009 8:42 pm

Hi Morgan,

Great to "meet" you!

Thanks for the post, we have some of these ideas under consideration. Great feedback! Just saw that we didn't get back to you here.

The idea with the multiplier and the separate Goal Drop counter was to offer expert players some replay value. After completing a scene they can go for more points with the multiplier and/or an eco-hero badge for expert play.

Right now the eco-hero requirement is set fairly low. What do you think about the challenge in getting an eco-hero badge?

Game On!



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