Guidelines for writing a Tilt Bug

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Guidelines for writing a Tilt Bug Empty Guidelines for writing a Tilt Bug

Post  Admin on Fri Jun 05, 2009 2:45 pm

Hey all here are some guidelines to follow when writing a Tilt bug.

Summary - A short one sentence statement that describes the issue

Description - More detail about the issue that will be helpful to the engineer
Steps to Reproduce - An ordered list of detailed steps needed to reproduce the issue
Results - What occurs when someone follows the steps provided
Expected - What should occur when the steps are followed

Build # - Number of the build (Ex: 0.3.46) This can be found on the Title Screen
Cheats Used - Choose Level and/or Win Level (If none write, "No Cheats") *Very important to include
Device Software Version - This is found on the device overview tab in itunes when the device is connected to your pc.
iTunes Version(If needed) - Go to help tab and select info
Operating System(If needed) - 98, XP, Vista, Mac, Linux, etc...



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